China’s top 50 brands

On December 4, 2012, WPP published its third BrandZ Top 50 Chinese Brands annual report.  According to this report, Chinese companies value their brands and are investing in good branding more and more.  Here are some highlights from the Brandz report:

  • The total value of the top 50 most valuable Chinese brands were together worth US$ 320.2 billion — compare this with e.g. Apple’s brand worth of US$ 183 billion for 2012.
  • During July 2010 to September 2012, the top 50 Chinese brands grew in stock market value by 5.8%, while the stocks in MSCI index of Chinese stocks fell by 5.6%.
  • Two brands from the technology sector had the fastest growth rate in brand value. Tencent, the social media leader, ranked top with 60% growth, and Baidu, the Chinese search engine, ranked fourth with 40% brand value appreciation.
  • Chinese brands also expanded actively overseas, with mainly State-owned enterprises leading the global push.
  • Product safety and meaningful differentiation are important factors in brand value.  Chinese high-end consumers generally turn to foreign brands.  To avoid this, Chinese companies, especially those in the dairy industry, tend to cooperate with famous foreign brands to improve their brand images.