Covington announced its support of the MA Fashion course at Central Saint Martins (CSM) towards the end of last year.  Since then, we have provided a number of practical workshops to the students enrolled in the course.   Our aim is to equip aspiring designers with important legal and commercial knowledge as they near graduation.

The first workshop that we provided to the students explored some of the key issues involved in building a brand, including aspects to be considered when negotiating contracts with suppliers and manufacturers, licensing designs, working with brand representatives and agents and complying with advertising standards and data protection regulations. To round off the session, Wilson PK, a CSM alumnus, provided an insight into his experience as a fashion graduate.  Wilson was thrown into the spotlight in 2014 when his collection was snapped up by Lady Gaga and we explored some of the legal and commercial challenges he has encountered and overcome in the last few years, which provided colour to some of the topics that we covered in the workshop.

The second workshop that we ran included a session which explained how important it is to protect one’s intellectual property rights when setting up a business. It also included a segment on the legal considerations that budding entrepreneurs should bear in mind when setting up a company.  We also spoke about the implications involved in financing a brand and the various routes that the students should consider when raising capital to fund their businesses.  The workshop ended with an interactive Q&A session with Bola Marquis, the founder and creative director of Okun Beachwear.  Bola provided important advice to the students about the obstacles he faced when he was setting up his business.