Kate Badr

Kate Badr

Kate Badr’s practice covers a broad range of transactional and advisory matters, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructurings, strategic investments, corporate governance and general corporate and commercial advisory work, with a particular focus on the branded goods and life sciences industries.

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Spanx v. Yummie Tummie design patent lawsuit — the battle lines are drawn

Launched by Sara Blakely in 2000, Spanx is a well-established women’s shapewear brand with worldwide brand recognition.  Since Spanx’s launch, numerous competitors have flooded the market.  Among them is Yummie Tummie, which was founded by reality TV personality Heather Thomson in 2008.  Yummie Tummie and Spanx are now embroiled in a design patent dispute in … Continue Reading

UPDATE: Rihanna successfully sues Topshop for using her image on t-shirts

You may remember that, back in May, CovBrands reported that Rihanna was suing Topshop for selling a t-shirt, which bore her image, without her consent.  The judgment is in and the High Court has ruled that Topshop is liable on the grounds of passing off. However, the court did not take the opportunity to introduce … Continue Reading

Can the Maasai tribe obtain IP protection for its name and images?

Africa’s Maasai tribe is thinking about trademarking their name and designs, the BBC has reported.  Isaac ole Tialolo, a Maasai leader and elder, who is also chair of a new organisation, the Maasai Intellectual Property Initiative, has, together with Light Years IP (an NGO which specialises in securing IP rights in developing countries), been travelling … Continue Reading

Are image rights set to be introduced by the English High Court this summer?

Rihanna is suing Topshop for allegedly selling a t-shirt, which bears her image, without her consent.  The t-shirt in question, which was on sale in Topshop stores in the UK at the end of 2012, had an image of Rihanna’s face from her “We Found Love” music video, reports WWD. The case will be heard … Continue Reading

Mixed success in protecting trademarks

Louis Vuitton is a staunch protector of unauthorized uses of its trademarks, including its well-known ‘Toile Monogram’ pattern.  Trademark infringement is the unauthorized use of another’s mark in a way that creates a likelihood of confusion as to source or sponsorship.  Louis Vuitton’s success, however, has been mixed.  This suggests that the decision whether or … Continue Reading

European Commission to crack down on e-commerce scams

The European Commission is to crack down on aggressive commercial practices which are discouraging consumers from shopping at online stores in other EU member states. The Unfair Commercial Practices Directive (the Directive) introduced a standardized set of rules across the EU, including a general prohibition on unfair business-to-consumer commercial practices.  Among the Directive’s provisions are … Continue Reading